nextstep data capture

"Best possible data capture, for best possible analytics"

  • Real-time data stream
  • No polling of data
  • Open API
  • High resolution data capture – up to 1 msec
  • Continous data stream – capture all events and transcients
  • Local buffering – no loss of data
  • Local aggregation of data

Maintain control system integrity

  • Segmented network with PLC gateway
  • Traditional vectors of cyber attack removed
  • Maintain integrity and security of control system installation
  • Easy set-up
  • Scalable from small to large industrial installations
  • Additional sensors easily added

3rd party friendly

  • Easily combined with local cloud/SaaS
  • Run app containers on EDGE (IPC) level
  • Seamless data sourcing into 3rd party EDGE/IOT platform
  • Real-time processing of data
  • Can be combined with OPC UA
  • Configurable by data engineers and automation engineers

Price model

Price is dependent upon


  • Number of connectors
  • Data volume
  • Data frequency
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