Webinar – Data capture

Webinar – Data capture

Data capture enables you to streamline your maritime and industrial operations. In this webinar, data capture expert and Step Solutions’ CTO, Marius Slagsvold, guides you through the basic steps towards an efficient data capture solution.

The main purpose of data capture is to be able to transform information from all sources into a format that computers can understand. From a business perspective, data capture allows you to get insights and high-resolution data from your manufacturing, improving your production.

Episode 1 – Data capture setup

Which data set up is the right for you? In this first session, we identify four different solutions that might accommodate your needs.

Episode 2 – Project planning

Planning is essential. By answering these 12 questions before commencing on a data capture project, you will be well on your way to a more streamlined project.

Episode 3 – Hardware evaluation

In this episode, we take a closer look on your hardware. Does it need to be expanded? What capabilities do you possess today?

 Episode 4 – Testing and deployment

After we have audited your systems, you need to identify which documents are required before testing in a lab environment. At this final stage we also show you what areas to focus on while testing.

To read more about our NXT Step data capture solution, you can find it here.