Webinar – Know your data capture needs!

Webinar – Know your data capture needs!

The probability of a successful data capture project increases if you find time to answer these twelve questions during the planning phase.

In this video, CTO Marius Slagsvold gives you a list of questions that will help you to streamline your project to your company’s needs – thus securing a more relevant output for your business. Here’s a couple of examples.

– Do you need real-time data stream?
– What is adequate data resolution?

Watch the film here and get these questions, and ten more, spelled out in more detailed fashion. Remember, it’s all about making the use of data from your industrial or maritime installations as profitable as possible! 

But there’s more! This video is just the second part of a 4-part webinar that guides you through all the basic steps to an efficient and successful data capture solution. You can watch them all here – or contact us directly for an non-binding talk about your needs and the solutions we might have to them.

You can also read more about our NXT Step data capture solution – and have a demo of it – right here.