Why Step Solutions

Control system - use of flowchart

  • Used as a tool to visualise functionality and solution
  • Functionality documented as a flowchart and shared with customer/stakeholders
  • Needs and clarifications are flagged early
  • Ideal point of departure for configuration and programming of PLC
  • Quality control
  • Operator can troubleshoot system
  • Reducing cost

Control System - autogeneration of objects

  • Automaticly generate objects in basis PLC SW from I/O list template
  • Eliminate manual errors
  • Time- and cost saving
  • Suitable for installations with 150 I/O+
  • Ensures configuration quality prior to sequence programming

Control system - module library

  • Standardised module library
  • Programming philosophy
  • All modules are documented and tested
  • Modules are robust and flexible
  • Easy upgrade of modules
  • Tailor made to fit varius types of control systems
  • Improves quality of PLC programming
  • Time- and cost saving

Control system - digital twin

  • Used for testing and verification of control system functionality
  • Useful to test concepts at engineering stage
  • Tool to plan modification and maintenance
  • Simulator functionality ideal for operator training
  • Important tool for FAT and final approval prior to installation