Industrial- and maritime

control systems

A trusted supplier of control system installations to a range of customers across industries

Our scope of supply

FEED/Conceptual design

–  Greenfield/brownfield

–  System engineering  

–  Specification and documentation

–  Document review

–  OT/IT design

–  Digital twin

Control system

–  Control system engineering

–  PLC/HMI/SCADA programming

–  DCS programming

–  Installation

–  Commissioning

–  Project management / consulting

–  Support ann maintenance


–  Consulting

–  Signal integration

–  Application set-up

 – Data configuration

–  Batch and work orders

–  Support

OT/IT network

–  Functionality design 

–  Cyber-security consulting

–  Safety standards compliance

–  Monitoring solutions

–  Best practice management



FEED/Conceptual design

Digital twin is a widely used term. To us it means setting up a dynamic simulator for testing and verification of control system functionality. We find this useful to test concepts at engineering stage, and as a tool to plan modification and maintenance. It is also ideal for operator training and is an Important tool for FAT and final approval prior to installation.

Control system engineering

From idea to fully specified functional description, we assist in the engineering of the control system up until the programming starts. In the process we use flowchart as a tool to visualise functionality and solution. Needs and clarifications are flagged early and gives an ideal point of departure for configuration and programming. Not to mention the benefits of QUALITY CONTROL and COST REDUCTION.

PLC/HMI/SCADA installations

Of course, we have over the years developed our own standardised module library. The modules are robust, flexible and tailor made to fit most types of control systems. Did we mention that all modues are easily upgraded and are fully documented and tested? Combine it with our programming philosophy and our approach to programming PLC/HMI and SCADA reduce time and cost, and improves the overall quality of the installation.

DCS installations

From early stage engineering and specification, to installation and commissioning of DCS systems, Step Solutions have provided competence and resources to both large and small projects. We provide resources from site engineers to Technical Lead and Project Managers, depending on the size of project and customer needs.

OT/IT network design

Whether it is Greenfield projects or modifications of OT-Networks, we provide consulting on cyber-security, network functionality and design. To us it is important to arrive at best practice on how to operate, monitor and manage OT-Networks. Our aim is to give our industrial customers OT-Network solutions that comply with safety standards and regulations.


Control system integration into a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) has been part of our pedigree. We conduct signal integration, set-up and configuration of MES applications. We also enable further cloud/integrations to fully digitize the value chain and bridging OT and IT domains.

Control system competence

Industrial protocol competence

MES/ERP integration competence


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