Automation and


Turnkey machine building

Our scope of supply

Machine design

–  Design and engineering

–  Robotics

–  Conveyor

–  Packaging

Construction & assembly

–  Machine construction

–  Assembly

–  FAT

–  Installation and SAT 

Electrical installations

–  Design of electric cabinet

–  Cabinet manufacturing

–  Electrical installations

Safety & CE Certification

–  Equipment or production lines

–  Modifications or newbuild   

–  Risk assessment up to SILIII

–  Installation of safety solutions

–  CE certification and documentation



Machine design

From robot cells to conveyor system we design automated solutions tailored to our customers need. However, we ALWAYS strive to bring all our experience into our projects, in order to deliver BEST PRACTICE solutions . In fact, it has become our competitive edge. Give us a good challenge and chances are we will impress you!

Construction & assembly

At our workshop we have facilities to construct, assemble and test the solutions we have designed. By combining all machine building services in-house we can offer a high level of quality management and well run FATs. We always bring the same team for installation and SAT at our customers´sites.

Automation safety

We are TÜV certified (IEC 61508) to perform evaluation of production/process to determine safety measures, up towards SIL III level. Based on our analysis we install and commission recommended safety solutions and equipment,


CE Certification

As part of our turnkey machine building experience we can provide a CE certification service We have many years experience providing CE certification service to both new build- and modified equipment or production lines.

Electrical installations

For complete automation projects we deliver electrical installations. All the way from electrical drawings, cabinet design- and build, to cabinet FAT, site installations and finally SAT. We take care of the whole process, supplying automation solution, control system, equipment/instrumentation and electrical installation as ONE PACKAGE.

Project management and consulting

Managing machine building projects, with the specification of the "right" equipment, to achieve optimal automation solutions, is always a challenge. Our skilled and experienced project managers can assist and add value at every step of the way towards a SUCCESSFUL project.

Robotics competence

Vision camera competence

Industrial protocol competence


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