NXTStep Products

Is your industrial installation set for extracting data?

  • Mapping readyness for data capture
  • Full run-down of control system and communication protocols
  • Re-use of existing equipment
  • Listing of modifications with budget
  • Installation and readyness

Data capture from industrial installations

“Best possible data capture for, best possible data analytics”


  • Bridging the gap between OT and IT
  • Convert analytics into control
  • Pushing the EDGE
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Move data where you want it

  • API for secure and easy access to database
Database administration tool management
  • Database fitness service
NXTStep Services for data ingestion (to database)
  • Site initialized tunneling
  • Service tunneling

Visualise your data - right away

  • Gives the operator a quick view of historical events
  • Great value for experienced operators
  • Grafana dashboards
  • Available on all platforms/screens
  • Custom applications
  • Embed 3rd party applications

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